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HPL Additives stands committed to its responsibility towards society Complies with all regulatory requirements both domestically and Internationally.

REACH IN European Union

REACH In Turkey and Korea

USA - The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

The European ChemicalsRegulation (EC No. 1907/2006)on Registration, Evaluation,Authorisation and Restriction ofChemicals entered into force inJune 2007. The REACH regulationrequires substances manufacturedor imported into the EuropeanUnion, including substances inpreparation, in quantities overone metric tonne per year, tobe registered unless exempted.The main aims of REACH are toimprove the protection of humanhealth and the environment fromthe risks that can be posed bychemicals

REACH makes theindustry responsible for assessingand managing the risks posedby chemicals and providingappropriate safety information totheir users.

As a market leader worldwide, HPL is fully committed to Regulatory Affairs and the company invests significant resources to ensuring that its products are 100% compliant with all existing global, as well as emerging regional chemical regulations s

As a responsible manufacturerof chemicals, HPL Additives hasalways been attentive to the waychemical substances are usedand is thus continuously focusedon developing policies that aim toimprove the safety and health ofpeople as well as the environment.

This is why HPL Additives supports the principle of an effectivechemicals regulatory system inorder to deliver sustainable healthand environmental safety benefits.

In order to ensure that HPLAdditives is well prepared forREACH, a Regulatory Cell isformed to ensure compliancewith, and implementation of theregulation. The organisationhas registered all of the eligiblesubstances that it exports tothe EU.

HPL Additives has appointed an Only:

Representative (OR) in the European
Union: REACHLaw Ltd.
Vänrikinkuja 3 JK 21,
FI-02600 Espoo, Finland
Tel.: +358-(0) 9-4123055

HPL is already REACH registered for the following products





The following products have been REACH registered by our partners:





Responsible Care:

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