Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
HPL Additives stands committed to its responsibility towards society.
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Conscious Resource Utilization: Uses resources required to achieve its legitimate business objectives only.
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Responsible Business Practices: Conduct all activities with integrity & in the interest of all our stakeholders.
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In Compilance with all Laws & Regulations: Compile with and exceeds (where Practicable), all applicable legislation, regulation and codes of practise as per India.
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Constant Balancing Act: Strives to strike the right balance between economic progress, environmental protection and social responsibilities.
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Productive Work Environment: Creates conductive environment for its employees and community, in and around its business operation.
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Efficient Utilization of Resources: Follows innovative approach to deploy sustainable technology for efficient use of natural resources.
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Built on Trust: Uplholds the value of trust, honesty in dealings with all stakeholders.
Responsible Care: Completed TfS & Ecovadis Audits of getting registered under Responsible Care.

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